Meet the Creator of Credit Score Planet

Noah Adam

Noah Adam is a credit score expert at Credit Score Planet. Noah has studied consumer credit scores and consumer credit for the past seven years. Noah loves writing about credit scores and has taken things to another level by starting his own venture (Credit Score Planet) to share his wealth of information about consumer credit and credit scores. Noah is self-made when it comes to educating himself about credit, credit scores, and consumer credit reporting agencies, he has read and reviewed many of the best sources on credit scores currently available on the web and in print. At Credit Score Planet, he will share has invaluable information with the public, and will answer commonly asked questions about credit, credit cards, and credit scores. When it comes to education, Noah graduated from Loyola Marymount School of Law in 2014 and obtained his JD degree in criminal law with a minor in corporate law. Noah Adam runs several successful sites that include Patent Rebel, which he started in Mid-2019.